Portrait: Randy BlackI purchased my first camera, a Kodak Brownie Starflash, at age 12 with tips earned as a bellhop at the Golden North Hotel in Skagway, Alaska. I packed tons of suitcases up and down the hotel stairs to fund my newfound photography hobby. Since those early years I’ve been blessed to have traveled around the world making photographs of many amazing subjects. The art of photography has enabled me to capture images of special moments in time during those travels.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed shooting color as well as black and white images. I learned how to process black and white and color slide film in the early 70’s while stationed in Thailand while in the US Air Force. After my years in the service, I operated my own darkroom for several years learning the finer points of black and white printing. I, like so many photographers, reluctantly switched to the digital format several years ago. While there are many aspects of film I miss, I’m thoroughly enjoying the almost limitless world of digital photography.

After residing in the Midwest for all of my life, the move to Florida a over fifteen years ago gave me an entire new world of subjects to photograph. Seascapes, wildlife, nature, lighthouses, marine life, incredible sunrises and sunsets are just a few of those subjects that make living and traveling in the Southeast an adventure. My gallery contains images from many locations in Florida, the Midwest, the Eastern Seaboard, and as far North as Alaska and Newfoundland and as far South as Costa Rica and Mexico.

My wife and inspiration, Melody, and I, along with all of our children, Dawn, Matt, Nathan, Lucy and grandchildren, Grace, Emma and Isabel are having a great time living in the Central Florida area. It's an incredible blessing to live in close to our family so we can enjoy being a part of their lives.

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